Netflix Australia Deals and Discounts

Netflix Australia Deals and Discounts

Netflix Australia no longer offers any coupons, free trials or discount codes. They used to. But in March 2020, they put an end to the 30-day free trial. And Australia wasn’t the only country Netflix did this in. They also did it in Canada, UK and Mexico as well as few other countries.

It’s an odd move for Netflix Australia to make. With so many streaming services currently available, it says a lot that Netflix thinks its reputation is enough to convince people to pay straightaway. They even raised the price for the Premium plan last year by $2/month.

What is Netflix Australia Doing to Entice New Users?

Not much. Although, it has been reported that they are looking into alternative marketing techniques. For example, in February To All the Boys I Loved Before, a Netflix Original, could be streamed for free without an account.

We can hope that they offer similar deals in the future. And that they do it in Australia. But you have to keep in mind, Netflix does different things in different markets. So, different countries have a different range of movies, tv shows and documentaries.

Why they (may have) canned the free 30-day trial

According to a Netflix spokesperson, Netflix is “looking at different marketing promotions in Australia to attract new members and give them a great Netflix experience.”

There is also the very real possibility Netflix got fed up with freeloaders. It didn’t take long for people to figure out they could create a new email each month and avoid ever having to a pay.

With the data Netflix has access to, it wouldn’t be hard for them to roughly estimate how many people were freeloading and how many were just not interested.

Now, that’s been stopped. Along with all the discount codes and deals available in Australia. This staff writer has tried more than a dozen different discount codes that sites claim work for any Netflix.

They don’t. And after the 3rd or 4th failed code you need to log out and log back into Netflix to keep trying.

The potential work around with Netflix

Now if you know how to set up a separate VPN and access Netflix America then there are some quite good deals available such as:

Voucher CodeDeal
uponsEnjoy Free 6 Month On Your Order At
3CPNE8F5LBXTSpend on Netflix and receive free 6 months.
UWO15Receive 15% Off Your Order

Without VPN access to Netflix US, there’s no way this staff writer can test thee US codes. Except to say that they do not work with an Australian Netflix account.

If the Coupon Monkey team does hear of any specials, codes or coupons for Australia we will upload them here.

To be honest, your only option is to set up VPN access to Netflix US and take advantage of their larger catalogue of movies as well as the available deals and discounts. Especially, as these seem to be updated quite often.

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