10 Uber Eats Discount Codes

10 Uber Eats Discount Codes

As this staff wrote in the last Uber Eats article (How to find the best Uber Eats coupons), there’s never been a better to time order delivery than now. Because now, it’s considered socially responsible to cloister ourselves in our homes.

Uber Eats offers national and regional codes to offer you the best deals for your next meal. We’ve put together this list of the 10 best, most active discount codes for Uber Eats.

Uber Eaters Discount Codes Currently Available

Here are 10 Uber Eats discount codes currently available in Australia. Only the codes that are available nation-wide have been included.

Here are 10 active codes:

Voucher CodeDeal
CUPOAUEQ220Enjoy AU$12 off your meal
CUPOAUEQ220Order from McDonald’s and enjoy AU$12 discount
CUPOEATSAU20$10 off your food orders
CUPOAUEQ220Order Chinese dishes with Uber Eats and save AU$12
CUPOAUEQ220Order your favourite menus from Subway and take an extra $12 off
66EATS$15 Off First Order
EATLOCALAUS15% Off Next 4 Pickup Orders*
TRYEATSAU$10 Off Orders
1420EATSFree Delivery for 14 Days (New Customers)
FHQ220$15 off (New Users)

At the time of writing this in May 2020 all these codes are active and working on the Uber Eats app. Although it should be said that in some regions these codes may not work.

Finding the most useful Uber Eats coupons

You can go trawling through Google search results for Uber Eats coupons. And there are a lot of websites out there that list Uber Eats coupons. However, quite a few of these list expired coupons, or they don’t tell you if the codes are national or local—or even if the codes will work.

This is because Uber Eats frequently changes its coupons to keep people coming back. And also, to entice new customers onto the app.

Uber Eats Coupons for existing customers

For Australian Uber Eats users, some of the above codes should work. But the necessary disclaimer here is that it’s unlikely these codes will work for existing users as most codes and coupons are designed to entice new users to the apps.

The geography of coupons for new and existing customers

You may find that if you’re in Brisbane, or Sydney the regional codes may work whether you’re a new or existing user.

A final note

To reiterate, at the time of writing all these codes and coupons work in the first week of May 2020. However, you should always check to make sure the code works before making a purchase.

This way you won’t be frustrated when you get to the checkout only to find that it doesn’t work.

*Maximum of $10 off total order value. Valid for use on up to 4 pickup orders only. Not available for delivery orders. Limited to the first 70,000 users who apply the promo code on the Uber Eats app.

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